Pope Francis Invites Oprah, Ari Emanuel to the Vatican - Hollywood Reporter

The Vatican, which is considered to become working using the nonprofit Varkey Foundation, showed up having a set of Artist players for you to invite to a summit of sorts. Film along with television producer Brian Grazer, OWN mogul Oprah Winfrey, actor Matt Damon along with semiretired supermogul David Geffen in addition scored invites, in accordance with sources.

Sources say the William Morris Endeavor superagent and the co-CEO Patrick Whitesell are saved to a shortlist associated with media players whom reps for Pope Francis have got approached to find a particular meeting at the Vatican this fall.

Ari Emanuel may well quickly obtain a possiblity to hug it out with almost all the pope.

WME declined in order to remark on whether Emanuel, the brother involving Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel http://papst-in-deutschland.net as well as the inspiration regarding Entourage's Ari Gold, would accept the invitation to break bread with all the Catholic Church leader.

A version associated with this story 1st appeared inside the Aug. 14 issue associated with Your Artist Reporter magazine.

The pontiff apparently can be thinking about discussing how the church is actually perceived by Western media influencers and ways to improve its portrayal in entertainment. to get the particular magazine, click here to be able to subscribe.


Look out, Trump. Bush and Christie vow to double economic growth - CNNMoney

"(It's) very aspirational," says Kevin Hassett, supervisor of economic policy at the American Business Institute who has actually encouraged numerous Republican governmental candidates, including George W.

The following president going to have to count on making The u.s.a a lot more efficient.

"There is not a reason in the world why we can not increase at a price of 4 % a year," Bush said when he revealed his run for president.

On the face of it, 4 % could not seem that over-the-top.

His research study discovers that tax obligation and also spending plan reforms can "be a big part of the calculus" of improving growth. went into an economic downturn in 2001.

"Anybody encouraging 4 % growth would certainly be a blunder," states Hassett. consistently increased at that pace you need to as far back as the 1950s as well as 1960s.

The reverse is occurring currently: Infant Boomers are leaving the labor force, and no person is discussing a fertility boom these days. You obtain greater growth when more people are used as well as they are creating more. saw the Baby Boomers start to get in the workforce, a substantial increase in the workforce that pushed growth. jeb bush chris christie

Expect that number to appear once more at the first Republican debate on Thursday. That's the reason Bush claimed "people should function longer hrs" on the campaign trail in July. It's not a great one-liner, yet it could make some economic feeling.

Recently, the economic climate has been broadening at simply over 2 % a year. It is among the concerns Head of state Obama is slammed for-- developing an excellent, yet not terrific, financial healing. economic situation increases 2.3 %.

Another gold era? While everybody intends to see much better growth than what we have currently, professionals are unconvinced regarding the return of 4 % development. Trump tested his GOP competitors to set out their task and business plans in a message on Facebook this week, although he himself has been slim on specifics, particularly when it pertains to the economic situation.

"Growth of 4 % ... would call for an also much more rapid increase in labor efficiency (outcome per hr) than was recognized in the Golden Age of U.S

. The country would need a turbocharge to accelerate to that degree.

Back in 2000, the economy increased at 4 %, yet that was mostly as a result of the technology boom.

So much, it's hard to make anybody's mathematics include up to 4 %.

Shrub has actually spoken generally about changing regulation and also taxes as well as passing a well balanced budget plan amendment. In the 1960s, the UNITED STATE

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The specifics: There's a lengthy method to take place the project trail-- and a lot http://lowclasslife.com more plan specifics yet to arise. economic development," states Sichel.

Working harder: So what would it take to obtain an additional excellent financial age? Political leaders want to yap about tax obligations, spending and also policy.

In other words, you require more people working, as well as harder.

Christie lately put out a 5-point plan to boost the economic situation. expanded manufacturing after WWII and also welcomed the Child Boom generation right into the workforce.

Yet, it's more fundamental compared to that. "But it's not difficult.".

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Associated: Canada is on the edge of an economic crisis.

CNNMoney (New york city) August 4, 2015: 5:21 PM ET


Financial experts describe that age as the "Golden era" of financial growth. However it's actually a big number. Bush. The elements include: lowering tax obligations, downsizing policy, reforming power (think: approving the Keystone XL pipeline and raising the export restriction on crude oil), making the R&D tax credit rating irreversible and eliminate payroll tax obligations for those under 25 and also over 62. To locate a period when the UNITED STATE. That bubble quickly burst and also the united state

. While there are sometimes quarters or years when The u.s.a attacks that mark, the 1950s and 1960s saw continual high growth as the U.S.

Related: Great however not terrific: UNITED STATE. More recently, the economy expanded at 4 % in 2000, right before the dot-com bubble burst.

"It's a very hopeful forecast they are making," states Dan Sichel, a professor of economics at Wellesley College as well as a former forecaster at the Federal Reserve.


The academic universe is indifferent to WikiLeaks - Washington Post

U.S. Oh, sure, you will find small lies and lies involving omission -- Bob Gates most likely didn't mention in order to Dmitri Medvedev as well as Vladimir Putin in which "Russian democracy offers disappeared." Still, I'm certainly not totally certain how possibly world politics or perhaps American passions could be improved if Gates had been that will blunt in Moscow.

If this sort of official hypocrisy is absolutely the nice stuff, then there is simply no really good stuff. American diplomats help out their own friends? Yeah, that's known as getting human. The Actual executive director of the International Studies Association flatly denied Assange's claims, as Ben Norton reported on his blog, Furthermore, Norton discovered no much less than several content articles inside ISA journals who have cited the actual WikiLeaks cables.

But he didn't discover a lot of articles. Presently there may be some study revealed within Spanish plus Asian languages. American diplomats are advancing U.S. diplomats said privately closely matched what i was informed that publicly.

There's only one thing which terrifies Assange and the supporters greater than the particular prospect of an American energy composition wanting to suppress as well as censor these people at each turn: it's in which there actually isn't any big Lie:

I'm almost all in favor of scholars mining the hell out of the WikiLeaks diplomatic cables. That leads Norton to wonder:

In short, there is possibly not an explicit rule from the citation involving WikiLeaks cables throughout ISA-run journals, but, although slightly incorrect in his insistence that the ISA "officially" bans the utilization of WikiLeaks records, Assange really does features a point: It is indeed striking how few posts during these major US academic journals have cited any 1 of the actual more than a pair of million diplomatic cables inside "the single largest repository for international relations of main source materials, almost all searchable."

Is this evidence the ISA unofficially censors several scholarly content articles in which depend on documents introduced by simply WikiLeaks, even whether it sometimes lets a couple of obtain by? This particular is tough for you to say; there is not adequate evidence for you to know.

No there isn't, but hey, let's just toss that will baseless allegation on your market and locate out when it sticks.

As the dues-paying member of your International Studies Association, as well like a professor at a college that really is a thing of your feeder for the U.S. However just since one thing continues for you to be created down in the cable does not imply it's important.

Sometimes the bunch involving diplomatic cables tend to be merely a bunch involving diplomatic cables.

. The idea had been consequently mild that I as soon as were built together with a Fletcher student request me if Julian Assange ended up being actually a new CIA agent made to bolster America's image in the world, because it proved that will what U.S. I'm prepared to become convinced otherwise, nevertheless it strikes me that these leaks demonstrate various other governments engaged inside way much more hypocritical behavior.

Indeed, the effect involving WikiLeaks' cables in American foreign policy was quite mild -- in comparison to, say, Edward Snowden's revelations. The idea may always be the single largest repository with regard to international relations regarding primary source materials, just about all searchable. Nevertheless where would end up being the American as well as English journals? There is a concrete explanation: they work as feeder schools for the US State Department. Rather a lot the entire global academy that's not really citing WikiLeaks all which much. perfidy in the middle East regarding Third world Quarterly chooses not to complete thus simply because of a concern with getting blackballed.

As the particular hard-working staff only at Spoiler Alerts continue its slow segue back coming from vacation, let's focus on a relatively simple topic: the alleged hand-in-glove relationship between your U.S. officials don't usually perfectly advocate pertaining to human rights? not even probably the particular most naive human legal rights activist would think otherwise. 1 possibility is that the structural forces opposing WikiLeaks tend to be thus powerful which the constructivist Norwegian scholar who wishes to compose a piece exposing U.S. diplomatic cables to the fullest:

[W]here were the small professors stepping forward striving to make feeling of it all? where will be the new Michel Foucault who efforts to explain how modern energy will be exercised? Absurdly, Noam Chomsky was making some regarding the greatest feedback and the actual man is now 86....

I worry most regarding academia and the specific a component of academia which is dealing with international relations. State Department, the International Research Association [ISA] as well as American academics.

Let me explain: Earlier this month WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gave a task interview in order to Germany's Der Spiegel where he lamented over the particular failure of academics for you to exploit WikiLeaks' discharge of U.S. While I noted when the diplomatic cables had been very first released:

Assange [and Manning] appear to believe that these documents will expose American perfidy. Based around the initial round of reactions, they're throughout for any realm of disappointment. WikiLeaks provides revealed more than 2 million diplomatic cables. government, here's my reaction towards the recommendations involving Norton and Assange:

First involving all, like a frequent attendee of ISA meetings along with conferences, the particular notion of that organization cozying up for the United States Regarding America government is quite funny. I suspect which is the particular inference that Assange as well as Norton want us to be able to draw.

There is an additional possibility, however: the http://wikileaks-mirror.com WikiLeaks diplomatic cables aren't practically as significant as Assange believes. It will be the biggest dog inside the room. The idea may be the cannon with regard to international relations. The Actual US association which controls the big 5 international relations journals, your ISA, features a quiet, official policy of not necessarily accepting virtually any paper which is derived via WikiLeaks' materials.

Now this final allegation is a blatant falsehood. commercial interests? American officials happen in order to be performing which since first of the Republic. compared to, say, the particular American Political Science Association, ISA provides a far more global membership and is way more sympathetic to constructivist, postmodernist as well as critical scholarship. As an association, the ISA's collective membership is more critical of American foreign policy than APSA.

Second, a fast scan regarding Google Scholar key phrases suggests that it isn't just ISA journals which usually are not exploiting WikiLeaks' diplomatic archive. Actually after they are, the actual citation count suggests that not many individuals are studying such articles.

There are usually a pair of feasible conclusions one could draw from this


Interview With SI Writer, Bloomington Native, Steve Rushin - Twins Daily (registration) (blog)

A buddy along with I played inside it. Inform me with regards to your memories in the Satisfied in your hometown of Bloomington, Minnesota. He hadn't remarked that Milwaukee stood a bring-your-own-beer policy within the '50s and '60s, or even that the urinals with Ebbets Area had been a disaster. I wished to understand what it absolutely was just like being in the Polo Grounds that Sunday afternoon within June involving 1926, throughout hot flannel uniforms, without batting helmets, during Prohibition, therefore forth. I read almost all of Roger Angell's books. Dalton. if I had, I'd know far more in regards to be able to the Twins now. The Actual junior higher education basketball coach which hosted the S.H.I.T., incidentally, had been Flip Saunders.

Q: I notice that anyone simply recently visited Minnesota along with took in the game at Goal Area along together with your children. In Which seemed just like a great life. Yet Another early influence has been Oscar Madison, the actual sportswriter in "The Odd Couple." He would be a slob, ate hot dogs with ballgames and spent any lot of occasion loafing around his gigantic apartment throughout New York. They Will had been some of the publications I'd shed myself throughout from B. to always be 13 along with operating across any big-league field, in front of concerning 8,000 fans together with garbage bags in their own heads? I knew still that will life has been unlikely to have better.

Q: What new project is actually inside the works? any new books?

Q: What got a person interested in writing your present book, your 34-Ton Bat, the Story involving Baseball as told by means of Boobleheads, Cracker Jacks, Jock Straps, Eye Black and also 375 Strange and also Unusual Objects?

A: I didn't. I had been backstage, inside the ballpark prior to it opened to the public, and also saw individuals such as Reggie Jackson coming from ten feet away. Sports Illustrated ran a extended story on the huge 3-on-3 tournament inside Michigan, and I wrote correspondence for the editor regarding SI with regards to our 3-on-3 tournament throughout Bloomington.

When I began working at the Met, in the commissary, making the food the vendors sold, it had been the revelation. I loved this guy has a task in which he files foil hot dog wrappers from, I don't know, Shea Stadium inside 1978. Just what ended up being the particular highlight?

Q: Could you discus the process a person went via in the Baseball Hall of Fame within Cooperstown inside researching the book?

At Any Kind Of Time wondered how the jockstrap had been invented? Or Even how about the actual evolution through catching balls along with bare hands for the gloves of today? The idea was declared shaking hands using a catcher with out just about any protection had been such as "shaking hands using walnuts."

Sports Illustrated writer and also Bloomington, Minnesota native Steve Rushin wrote in regards to always be able to the jock strap, how Americans had been much more skilled throwing grenades compared for their European allies since regarding baseball and significantly more historical oddities.

A: Prior To I worked in the Met, I went like a fan. when I arrived from SI, we had Peter Gammons as well as Steve Wulf as well as later Tom Verducci as well as Tim Kurkjian, all of whom were so good in which the primary factor I discovered from them wasn't to use to be similar to them. In Which triggered me composing about the most compelling objects with the game--hats as well as mitts, regarding course, but in addition bobbleheads along with ballpark organs and also beer cups--all individuals items that beguiled me although operating at the met as a teenager.

The highlight of working those games--and there were so many--was obtaining for you to pull the tarp if this rained. The idea was known as the Saunders Hoop Invitational Tournament, or even S.H.I.T. Your author of the article in SI, Alexander Wolff, wrote in my experience to request me a little a lot more about our tournament, because he ended up being composing a book in pickup basketball within America. Nearly All of which happily obliged. My Dad traveled a lot, and also within the age group ahead involving the world wide web he'd carry residence three-day-old newspapers coming from L.A. she got me the library card and encouraged me for you to read and also would depart me at the B. These kinds of discoveries had been any little triumph with regard to me, simply because Bill knows everything.

A: I'm composing any memoir of my '70s childhood, specifically my growing up within the '70s in--of almost all places--Bloomington, Minnesota.

Q: Will Be there a story which sticks out to you within the guide which you enjoyed researching and also writing about? Something that will surprised you?

A: Exactly Where to begin? I was raised studying Pat Reusse and also Doug Develop within Minneapolis. My Mom's Dad was a member of your 1926 new York Giants nevertheless merely played in a new single game, in catcher. We were throughout Minneapolis if the Twins were out associated with town and also took a tour involving Goal Field. I pointed out this to become able to Hrbek when and that he just laughed. Dalton bookstore pertaining to one hour when the girl searched in Southdale. I when expended a night together with Jack Klugman to obtain a Sports Illustrated column along with thanked him for the inspiration. That They saw Hicks create a catch along together with his again towards the plate and also Dozier acquire it with a walk-off residence run, and also my 6-year-old son did ask--while pointing in the Twins logo in centerfield--"Who's Babe Ruth shaking hands with?" We live in New England, as well as mostly go to Red Sox games, so it was wonderful for you to provide these with the ability I had as a kid: watching the Twins outdoors although understanding how to crack open up peanut shells.

A: I discovered to study watching Sesame Street and also cereal boxes were my earliest literary influence. There is significantly more good baseball writing compared to there has ever been, and also I won't checklist every one regarding the present individuals I read with regard to space considerations as well as concern with leaving someone out.

My Mom, greater than virtually any 1 person, taught me to always be able to be a new writer. Late inside the game, we may well get a Frosty Malt, nevertheless we weren't able to sail the lids onto the warning track, like thus many in our lucky peers had been doing.

Q: did you know Twins Day-to-day Author and also Founder John Bonnes, @TwinsGeek on twitter, maturing throughout Bloomington?

The prize was obviously a Cool-Whip tub covered within aluminum foil. And Thus I wrote back in order to him, we became pen pals, when I began writing stories inside college, I'd send these to Alex, who passed one together to an editor SI, and also eventually--just just before I graduated via Marquette--the magazine ran my story. I do what any person would do having a baseball mitt, and positioned it more than my nose as well as mouth as an airplane oxygen mask. Foulproof once was famous inside Ny boxing circles for wearing his cup to gyms as well as asking fighters--world-famous fighters like Primo Carnera--to punch him within the groin as difficult while they could. I pored more than files about ballpark concessions and novelties and souvenirs. and then. I feel he's heard that will from the great deal of guys he faced within substantial school.

The Actual book is referred for you to as 34-Ton Bat, The Tale associated with Baseball as advised through Bobbleheads, Cracker Jacks, Jock Straps, Eye Black and also 375 Strange and Unusual Objects. However growing up within Bloomington anyone had been never a lot more than one level of separation in the Twins. The relative involving his--a author named Diane Taylor--proved a great source inside maintaining Foulproof's story alive, as well as I was happy to tell in which story within the book.

Q: Had Been there a particular moment in which inspired to you personally be considered a writer? Would you have a new mentor?

A: that book evolved through curious about my grandfather. My grandfather, Jimmy Boyle, died prior to I ended up being born. I located a vintage foil hot dog wrapper in a new single file folder filled with old newspaper clippings upon hot dogs. My uncle happened in order to even now have the catcher's mitt my grandfather wore that will day, he mailed it in order to me, and I input it on as well as it had been just like shaking hands using the grandfather I in no way knew. Tom Shieber, your curator, had been strolling past me in the wedding it happened along with took your wrapper in order to file elsewhere. We were throughout substantial school. Here are 10 questions regarding his life growing up inside Bloomington, The Particular Met, how he landed his Sports Illustrated writing gig as well as concerning his current visits in order to target Area together together with his younger children.

Q: Throughout 1979 in your 13th birthday an individual became a staff member in the Minnesota Twins so which as anyone say within your book "it unlocked any concealed world". A Person have to use white gloves in order to handle the particular files, consequently everyone within looks similar to Mickey Mouse. A: The Actual Hall associated with Fame Library can be a great place. He mentioned I wasn't the first sportswriter to simply tell him that.

A: Right now there is surely an interesting, otherwise-lost-to-history story within the guide about an eccentric guy named Foulproof Taylor, whom invented a protective cup regarding boxers along with later a batting helmet, neither regarding which usually boxing or perhaps baseball has been but ready regarding within the 1920s and '30s. My brother was obviously a lefthanded pitcher at Bloomington Lincoln and also claims to get owned Hrbek whenever he pitched against Kennedy. I'd just take those photocopied files home, and if I had any other questions, when I couldn't maintain Cooperstown, any brilliant researcher there named Bill Francis would attempt to help me answer them. that got me any three-month internship as a fact-checker there along with I in no way left. the kids have got this fantasy associated with becoming locked right into a stadium overnight, like in "Night in the Museum," and getting to consume all the http://youtranscript.com popcorn and nachos and batting helmet sundaes they can, while running the actual bases along with attempting in order to go yard. Just what did which imply to you and ended up being there a new certain part of baseball which you felt anyone required to teach them? With Regard To example, do you explain madness regarding Minnie along with Paul to you daughter who believed among all of them was Babe Ruth?

Q:What baseball writers do you most admire? past as well as present?

A: a junior college basketball coach were built with a three-on-three basketball tournament in his backyard in Bloomington. I couldn't know it then, but studying is the greatest preparation for writing.

Q: Will Be there an unusual story regarding landing your current job from Sports Illustrated?

A: Your kids, thank goodness, such as baseball. Sadly, we weren't locked inside from tour's end, but we did return upon our last night throughout town for the Twins' homestand-opener from the Orioles. While you're 13, and possess merely experienced somebody just like Reggie in TV, it's actually a shock to see him up close, unfiltered by means of a screen, as if you in absolutely no way realized he existed within the flesh.. or even New York, therefore I'd acquire to read columns by simply Jim Murray along with Red Smith. I knew I was on to one thing when Bill had not been previously mindful of several minor fact. I would totally shed a record of time, or even my surroundings, and obtain absorbed in a book. I could smell this ballpark throughout Harlem through 85 many years ago. Foulproof once was the planet champion regarding sack racing, however he started a slow fade straight into obscurity within the 1960s. I'm certainly 1 of 5 kids and my Dad would quit in Cal's market on Previous Shakopee Highway following Mass on the Sunday and also acquire a one-pound bag involving peanuts to always be able to final the actual day


Big Jim, an auto plant and a little red coupe - Quad City Times

A decade later, it nevertheless had just 26,400 miles on it, officials said.

During Edgar's a extended time throughout office, he let his children, Brad and also Elizabeth, drive the actual car, but mostly left the vehicle alone.

"It didn't appear to fit within their law enforcement theme," said Judy Mills, the retired state police employee through Ashland, who is active in the retiree association.

Plus, it appeared from location inside a museum that featured old police cars.

The car, the 1990 model, rolled off the assembly collection to great fanfare and also has been quickly presented to Thompson. over the particular next 21 years, workers at the plant produced the total associated with 906,876, models below a quantity of names, such as the particular Eagle Talon, your Plymouth Laser and, since many realize it, the actual Eclipse.. Attempts to do well in your buyer in his home inside a suburb of Minneapolis-St. The Actual car remained within the mansion garage through your transition via Thompson to become able to former Gov. Thompson.

It was driven simply occasionally, sometimes serving like a prop in events featuring made-in-Illinois products.

Laimutus "Limey" Nargelenas, a Springfield lobbyist whom served as http://plantthink.com commander of hawaii police, mentioned he ended up being on the team in which reviewed security measures from the plant just before it opened in late 1988 as section of among the particular promises Thompson created in order to its Japanese co-owners.

"It ended up being costing us too much in order to maintain it," Cooley said.

In 2005, after 15 many years of existence at the mansion under four governors, the car was gone to live in a state garage on Springfield's southeast side.

Once throughout Springfield, however, the car was utilized sporadically.

"It was very the actual to-do," Nargelenas said.

The auto in which wound up inside Springfield boasted all the alternatives a person within early 1990s might want -- such as the surface of the actual series cassette deck stereo system. Jim Edgar throughout 1990.

Many involving these active inside the museum recall the work Thompson place directly into luring the guarana plant in order to Illinois.

Although vehicles declared as surplus property are usually supposed to become offered in a public auction, Thompson employed his influence to obtain the car into the hands of the museum run simply by retired state police employees, such as members involving the protection detail that when protected him.

While the last Eclipse to become produced at the plant raised $35,000 pertaining to Japan Red Cross earthquake relief efforts, a representative of the dealership which marketed the actual red coupe said he believes it was purchased for around $6,000.

And now, using the plant set to close inside November since the organization pulls its manufacturing out with the U.S., attempts to trace along the whereabouts of the car hit a new no-through a couple of states away.

After selecting to obtain rid of the vehicle, your museum foundation put the auto pertaining to sale in a classic car lot within Glenarm, south associated with Springfield.

"People weren't as thinking about it," additional Heinz Mueller, the retired state officer from Sherman.

In its 25 years, your sporty Eclipse features chauffeured multiple chief executives, their own kids and also served as a display piece in a museum.

Cooley studies the automobile was bought by way of a Minnesota man. James R. Its speedometer stated it could hit 145 mph.

Nargelenas furthermore ended up being available for your bow cutting, exactly where Thompson basked inside the glow involving bringing any major manufacturing facility for you to central Illinois.

SPRINGFIELD -- Together along with providing millions of bucks within incentives regarding Mitsubishi to build as well as function a car plant in Normal, Illinois government is actually forever linked to the soon-to-be shuttered factory via a bit red coupe.

Ron Cooley, who is now executive director in the Illinois State Police Merit Board, mentioned the actual tall governor was also big for that little car.

The story associated with how a coupe finished up spending many involving its many years tucked away in the garage in the Executive Mansion upon Fourth Street within downtown Springfield began within the mid-1980s when Thompson led the particular cost for you to carry the joint venture in between two competing auto companies in order to Illinois.

During that will period, however, the automobile transitioned coming from state-owned property into a museum piece.

The auto along with Thompson were reacquainted throughout 2012 once the former governor served as the keynote speaker with an economic development forum inside Bloomington.

Thompson took and also passed his 1st driving a car test throughout a lot much more than any decade while sitting in its driver's seat.

"It had been mainly driven from the security guys," stated Cooley, president of the Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation.

About 2 yrs ago, however, the museum decided it was not likely to keep it.

As a testament to become able to how small it had been driven, a new information document through 1997 confirmed the car had just 6,400 miles about the odometer. The Actual letter "I" ended up being reserved for your sports car.

"He influenced their state to end up being able to create it for us," Cooley said.

In appreciation regarding his hands-on involvement in aiding to lure your joint venture between the Japanese organization as well as Chrysler in order to a website west regarding Normal, the very first car that will rolled off the actual Diamond-Star Motors assembly range back throughout 1989 has been made accessible to then-Gov. Paul were unsuccessful.

In certainly one of his last acts just before transitioning coming from Secretary involving State to end up being able to governor, Edgar assigned 26 new license plates, 1 together with each letter with the alphabet


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